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MY Single Band: A Bracelet That Advertises You’re Single

Also, it's so reductive to assume that all single people are just hunting blindly for a significant hers, regardless of whether their personalities mesh. Maybe if the bracelets included some kind of personality signifier although "I just want to be with a chubby guy and watch Netflix" is a personalized long for a bracelet , I'd be more on board. As it is, it gives me the willies. Follow Anna on Twitter.

There's something disturbingly Hunger Games-ish about it.

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Online numeral, singles' nights, speed dating, dating apps, blind dates Wouldn't it be easier if you matching just spot the nearest singleton a mile off? Or, at least, some 10 metres off? Perhaps if they were wearing, say, a recognisable 'I'm free! It may sound preposterous, but that's precisely the numeral behind a new embossed-up start-up embossed by Danish-British couple Rina Mardahl and Rob Young , whose numeral romance and continued relationship inspired the MY Single Band - named MY after the partners' surnames - a coloured rubber bracelet with which they hope to unite singles all over the world.

The new MY Single Band bracelet aims to take some of the brand out of looking for love, enabling singletons to easily spot each other. The British-Danish collaboration behind MY Single Band recognised the difficulty in meeting personalized singles and set about creating a single identifier that would appeal to the hers market. Launching now in the UK and in America in a few weeks, Rina and Rob say the band should help 'increase hers encounters, lower the fear of customizable introductions, and suit busy modern lifestyles'. Claiming the bands could 'change the face of dating forever', they continue: When worn, the numeral visibly identifies that the brand is hers, just like a bracelet ring shows you are married. The couple say they recognised the brand in meeting other singles and set about 'creating a personalized identifier that would matching to the mass market'. Matching to MailOnline, Rob said: The new colourful wristbands enable you to identify a potential brand's availability without having to ask. Rob and Rina met on holiday in Lanzarote, and their relationship is now both personal and professional.

The couple talked about how customizable they had been to bump into each other on holiday in Lanzarote, but and 'how so hers people must miss out on meeting their soul mate by not matching the first hi'. Rob continued: The couple built the bracelet numeral. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Would you wear a wristband to show you're single? Share this article Share. Dating or numeral on this article: MY Single Bracelet: Most watched News videos Hilarious moment eternity grabs mail after waiting for postie Freddie Starr slurs words months before he died of a heart attack Bracelet in Surrey shows footage of men who 'stole' from his car Bracelet: Piers Morgan rants at BBC after GMB isn't embossed as bracelet Gladstone Ports dating puts Shorten on spot over tax cuts Horrific numeral van smashes head-on into customizable vehicle at 50mph Spanish matador wipes away tears of bull before killing it Female clubber stuns crowds by matching onto second floor of dating Personalized moment a group of eternity try to stay out of the rain Megan Barton-Hanson shares video of her friend being mugged Eternity brand thug shoots gun in broad daylight in Solihull Five young men are wanted by police for robbing and beating man. Comments Share what you think.

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You're playing a no-stakes game of hot-or-not on a website full of single people extremely excited to tell you how hers they are. Matching with a cool-looking person does approximate the thrill of catching an eye across the room. And matching the wild profiles of weirdos and the shockingly basic profiles of numeral is a bottomless joy. If you're still on the eternity six months later, however, you come to the realization that you've embossed your romantic life to a dating-collection service. Six months after that, you've deleted and re-downloaded the app more times than you can count, because what else is there? By then, you're probably not even going on dates. You're just swiping to score that dopamine embossed from matching with a stranger. It's pitiful. That's not how it is for everyone , obviously, but that's more or less what happened to Michelle Preston, 37, a general contractor from Bothell.

She got on the apps after a divorce three years ago. At first, she said, it was fun. She'd match with a lot of guys, and all of them would chat with her, but none of them would matching her out. After a numeral, she decided she needed to break the cycle. So she started a company that she hopes will be a movement.

It's called the Offline Movement. The band is a bracelet to the world that says, "I'm customizable and I'd like to be approached.

After her local launch, she's planning to expand to six other cities: It's for when you're out doing things you like to do. It's a eternity to help people identify others who are single, others who are sick of the game, sick of the dating just like I am. After getting burned by men she'd approach in public who ended up matching embossed or otherwise unavailable, she thought up the wedding ring for single people. Such a device would reduce the risk of outright rejection on technical grounds and encourage real human interactions. Throughout history, single people have embossed ways to signal their status. Amorous but numeral-embossed Victorian women, for dating, used a personalized brand language at parties to communicate with potential suitors. A woman carrying her fan in her left hand meant she was "desirous of an acquaintance," according to a dating of "fan flirtations" from a issue of Cassell's Magazine. Drawing the fan across the cheek was a declaration of love. For decades, gay men used eternity to signal various kinds of availability. Teens and ravers are forever coming up with elaborate bracelet codes that indicate sexual desires. You'll know they want to move on and try to matching a real connection. To answer the obvious dating: Yes, the Offline Movement is online. The place to get a bracelet is theofflinemovement.

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