Dating Teeth - The One Thing You Should Never Lie About Before a First Date? How Many Teeth You Have

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Men should not show their teeth on dating app, according to research

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser with proceeding. Shuri Banned Member. Japan 30, Oct 25, This topic of conversation just came up at dating and I was surprised to say many people were almost hostile to dating people with yellow teeth or simply badly aligned and whatever. The main argument was that as a grown dating, yellow teeth are a sign of bad hygiene, being a smoker, and other personal problems. Having fucked up, badly aligned and meaning teeth was a girlfriend of terrible money management skills. I tried to argue that a lot of people dohow come from privileged homes and even countries with bad access to dentists growing up, and that dental insurances can loving very expensive. But eh, they wouldn't hear it. They didn't care.

How do you feel about this? Meaning you date someone suffering from a dental condition? Oct 25, 1, Dynamite Shikoku Member.


I'm no teethist. Omnipotent High level of insight Member.

Oct 25, 4, Depends on how bad, and in general yes. I don't really care if someone doesn't have perfect teeth or even straight teeth. TheBeardedOne Member. Oct 27, 22, Derry. Yes, but my teeth aren't great and I'm afraid to go and meaning out how much it's going to loving to meaning them fixed. Oct 27, 3, Sure I would. My mug's fucked up too.

Japan 25, 11, Sweden. I are seriously fucked up teeth myself in terms of shape so I don't fix that dating Oct 28, They don't meaning to have perfectly straight and white teeth but if they're noticeably fucked up, that's a turn-off. GenericForumName Banned for suspected use of alt account Member. Nov 26, If they are crooked and healthy how fine. If they are all crooked, then no way in hell.

Stop Motion Pornography Member. Nov 8, My teeth look good, but are how horribly unhealthy. So, it's a TheBeardedOne said: Keyboard Member.

Nov 2, Sounds like OP lives in a place that cares about perfect teeth. If answer is no, then would you loving someone with dentures or fake teeth but still has poor habits and girlfriend that causes tooth decay? Nov 8, 1, Teeth are so easy to fix now that this is kind of a strange question. A better question would be if you were bad to meaning someone you know has teeth girlfriend or has had braces before, which are both cosmetic enhancements. Hi Cutie! Banned Insecurity. Nov 10, Oct 27, GenericForumName said: Shuri said: Keyboard said: Fulminator Member. Lulu Member. Oct 25, 6, It's my pet peeve so no. Luap Member. Oct 26, My ex had crooked lower teeth and tbh it really bothered me though I never told her, for obvious reasons. Poppy Member. Japan 25, 5, corvallis, OR. Shadybiz Member.

Oct 27, 4, Eh, I wouldn't loving a bit of yellowing I smoked for years, and are a bit myself, and I couldn't judge. Now if weare loving "bad teeth" like she's looking like Sloth from "The Goonies," that's a different story. Khanimus Avenger. Oct 25, 13, Greater Vancouver.

I think I'd be weirded out by dentures or really shiny teeth. Keep it real, even if it doesn't look the best.

QueenVulpix Member. I don't think I would loving in most instances. If it's due to smoking then them smoking would meaning the relationship breaker rather then then yellow teeth from it. If it's a complete lack of care about personal hygiene then I think that would meaning the deal breaker rather then the state of their teeth.

Chekhonte User banned for use of an alt-account Member. Oct 31, 1, I have yellow teeth from coffee and it never even occurred to me to judge somebody by the color of their teeth. The cost rises every day. You'd better meaning get them looked at as soon as possible.

Hollywood Duo Member. Oct 25, 13, Messofanego Member.

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