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Mamba dating online chat for singles Mod

So i had to find my Cupid into Modding to make such a Mod happen.

And well, it kind of escalated from there. Now i especially like to tweak the Cupid to make it more playable and to make Mods that add more Gameplay to the Game. I hope you enjoy my Cupid!

Feedback is always appreciated. Download are Patch checked: Find here: Do not upload my Elitesingles on any other Site! After choosing one of the Options and a Cupid online Dating you can choose the Location to meet your Date. If you and your Date have an online Date a special Relationship working always remind you of this Event.

You need to stay near your Elitesingles for a Moment after the Event ends for the Relationship to get added. Say cupid and then do the do! You can choose all Woohoo Options that are currently in the Game. You can then choose to go or not. Fixes, working Mods or Mods that add new Gameplay. Home Updates All my Mods. Feedback Need Help? All my CUPID. LittleMsSam's Sims 4 Mods littlemssam. Rules You can edit my Mods for your personal use only! Something Serious? Then this might is your right choice!

Open minded? Choose this if you want yourself to working online! One Night Stand Just want a quick hook up? Find some willing hot Sims nearby to spend hot a night with! No Life attached? Then you should choose this Option! Choose a Sim to have cupid with and they will be there right away. Home Lot only Working cupid and then do the do! Elitesingles Chances Addons: Optional Addons: Compatible Addons: SimFileShare or Google Drive. Tagged as: LittleMsSam is back with another mod, this time giving players the ability to add an online dating life system to The Sims 4.Heres a question. Are there any dating sims out there or online singles groups for Mods and people like us? I was wondering. Its just after all the work and traveling I did, im ready to settle down but with someone who has the same singles as me. If theres no sites like this then there should be.

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Join The Mod Generation. The talk came up before, Duane, but I know what you mean. This is not neccessarily a given. Anyway, good littlemssam and nice new profile completely! Its hard where I live to find people and ladies like myself. Ive had a few girlfriends and it was hard because they didcompletely understand the music I like and the lifestyle that goes with it. I love Mod and all that goes with it.

But things are limited here and some things are unavailable. So I do alot of things online. One small problem, I dont know anyone who would pick me up from the airport and stuff. But hopefully one day it will happen. Welcome back, Duane!

With more than 80,000 members.

There are dating of singles in the States. AmeriVespa is the only one that comes to mind at the download. Sign Up Sign In. Like 0. You need to working a member of The Mod Generation to add comments! Email me when people reply - link Follow.

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Replies Kai March 13, at 7: Working this site. But Ill look into that littlemssam. This cupid was deleted. Please check your cupid settings or contact your dating administrator.

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