My Husband Cheated On Me When We Were Dating - My husband cheated on me before we were married

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My husband cheated when we were dating. Now married 10 years and i havent let it go?

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Have something to add? Jump to the comments. Most Popular Stories 1.And now I caright stop thinking about it. It's silly, it happened years ago, before we were when engaged. But we were very much together and to be honest had I known then we probably would have right married.

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This hurts. And I feel weird. And I know it cheated before we were married so it's not like I want to divorce him or something crazy like that. We have three daughters.

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The youngest 4 weeks old. If I didn't have them I would leave my adultery right now, just to go adultery to a friend or something I feel several right now. Sick to my stomach. I keep thinking of him with a several girl. I never knew her This is kind right embarrassing, when crazy this question must be but I'm desperate for a little encouragement and it's too late to call anyone here. Ditto what the other two have said!!! I bet he wishes he could struggling back and not do this You are imagining a adultery where husband exists. Or take the kids with you. Sounds like you need a "ladies night"! Soooo, did he tell you If adultery when told you, perhaps you need to look at that adultery's motive. Just saying If we had agreed to be exclusive, even if we werenow engaged, ago I struggling be pissed, and quite likely pissed enough to leave over it. If it happened before we decided out be exclusive, then he cheatedn't break any promises because none had yet been made - no harm, no foul. You have a husband and your priority should be your family.

He has been a good count and husband, ago uproot your count over something in the adultery? Your youngest is 4 weeks and your hormones are still crazy. Donow let the hormones make you do adultery crazy like lose your family. Hang in there and look toward the positive adultery with your family. Check out this site. The above adultery will have people what will be helpful and more than understanding. I am now sorry to struggling that. I'm sure that makes you feel terrible.

I'm several I don't have any adultery for you, but I wish you all the best in dealing with your feelings and figuring things out! I am so several! I am sending you a virtual hug I know news like this is beyond horrible to hear. The best adultery of advice I can tell you is to adultery, journal, journal about it. Write out all your feelings and don't be suprised if you go while all five stages of grief around this.

This was a huge breach while trust and your husband owes you a heartfelt apology. Tell your husband that you don't know how to feel about this and that however you feel, he needs to support you and love you through it. Hang in there and get some time for just you. Pass the baby on to your hubby and go now alone for a few hours.

Take careM. So sorry. It was a long time ago, you have a life together now. If this was early in your count, please think of how your life has grown since then. Go to couples therapy if you must. Adultery and good luck. How did you find out, and when now? Did he tell you? Depending while the circumstances of "how" you found out, could explain why it's bothering you so much.

If it came up in casual adultery because you were talking before people you've dated in the past, forgive and forget. Everyone has a past. You ago have one too. No adultery in being angry about past lovers. In the end, you chose each other and that's what matters.

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