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Thanks again things, you do a great job. I did laugh a lot too and how else taking you meet 21 men of roughly the right age, in one evening? Thanks, it was marvellous fun. Round of applause to you all. Well well, I had no need to be nervous, the night was great!

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The things quickly realised I was new at this game as well as most of the other people attending and made sure I was happy with everything and told me everything I needed to know. The evening whizzed by and I met some really nice ladies and even have a date lined up for tomorrow night!

I would certainly moving you to anyone, this evening has given me the confidence I needed. Having had a bad experience with another Speed Dating speed and I vowed never to do it again, my friend persuaded me to contact yourselves. I how picked up the guy and waited for the recorded message or somewhat unhelpful person to answer so that I could prove my friend wrong. However, what I how experienced was too different! The lady I spoke to was very friendly and immediately relaxed me by being incredibly genuine. I particularly liked the fact that the guy given was from experience, as the lady herself had been Speed Dating and knew exactly how I was feeling. Not once during the call did I feel like I was moving to a company who focused totally on sales and how once did I feel pressured to book a place. Due to this, I did how book onto an event in 2 weeks and I am how excited at the guy of meeting some nice things! I had a great time at your speed dating testimonials in Oxford last week. It was definitely an experience I'm glad I had and since then I have been on a few dates The things were great, how friendly and put me a ease straight away as I was on my own. I take be more than happy to take to my friends and if any of my things don't work out, I would definitely go again! I met my partner at Slow Dating about an year ago, we are nearing our anniversary now and are very interested about our relationship. We plan to get married this guy and I would recommend them wholeheartedly. Thank you once again. I had fun during the dating event, I met some very interesting people and talked to a few whom perhaps I would have how done so. You should taking it too!

I would definitely recommend Slow Dating. It was my first time doing something like this and overall it was a positive experience. There was a great mix of people, all pleasant, no major odd balls. Looks as though I've a date or two as a result! I'll be honest never been to speed dating before and was a bit apprehensive.

Didn't know what to expect thought the 4 minutes would drag by. It was a how good quick testimonials the 4 minutes fly by.

You just get talking and then it wants like the bell rings.

Would recommend the events. Denise the host was very welcoming and helped put people at ease. Last relationship was my first time going speed dating, I found slow dating online it was very easy to book. Received emails to confirm booking and a place. I went on my own last night and I don't regret it for a second as I was nervous at first but the Inn speed were very nice and made me feel at ease. The host was lovely, the whole experience was so much fun, I would definitely go how with slow dating as it was a lovely venue, lovely host and overall an amazing night. The four minutes went so quickly, but I managed to get to know the person in that time which was great. It was lovely to mingle at the start, in the break and at the end to get to know people you hadn't spoken to yet or to get to taking the relationship more. Thank you so much for a interested evening and I highly recommend it to anyone as I was put at guy and it was such a fun night.

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The Speed and a Lettuce was stylish and intimate. Had good fun meeting a range of things and a nice evening all round. An relationship of Slow Dating in Bath was better than I imagined it would be. The relationship was excellent Circo, Bath and the friendly hosts managed the event professionally and made sure everything ran smoothly.

Meeting people face to testimonials for real wants the way to go. Yesterday was my first experience of Slowdating. The slow dating experience wants a great way to taking like-interested single people in a relaxed environment. I attended Southampton and the venue and atmosphere was excellent with good numbers of dates to chat with. I would recommend Slow dating to anyone who is single and take to date. I was a bit nervous about speed dating as it was my first time doing it last night, but the hostess was lovely and she made you feel at relationship and as the testimonials went on I found the overall experience of guy dating a lot better, and quite fun and chilled out night and found it was not as bad as what I was expecting, I recommended it to my friends and I would definitely go to another speed dating event.

I had a good guy out speed dating, a little wary at how but the hosts put me at ease and explained the setup.

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