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Dating Naked

This was five of the best shows ever. Very bummed to hear that the show is not coming back! It was one of the only reasons I turned to VH1 the past couple guys. The lineup has become incredibly disappointing in recent years! We in this household are very disappointed. It is the only show I watched on VH1 network. To bad for them. This was a stupid move. Never watch the network other than for this show. Wake up and Mtv your mind. Home News Cancelled or Renewed? Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent romance guys. I loved it. April 7, 7: November 14, 7: Vivian Powell. Mtv 1, 4: Jennifer Smith. August 23, 8: August 20, 1: Mtv Kat.

August 20, August 12, 7: Rodger Lynch. August 1, 1: Theresa Thomas Mtv. Very disappointed that this show was cancelled. My husband and I loved this show. July 22, 3: Mtv James.

This was very sad news for the show to cancel, Its very entertaining! July 20, 9: Beach boy. Mtv 12, 1: Watch it back please! Mtv 4, 8: The show matched up several guys who were routinely switched with other contestants.The title tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Dating Naked , a reality show that aired on VH1 between and The provocative show seemed to be plagued by problems from the show. Meanwhile, contestants faced on-the-job hazards that included bug bites and sunburn in very uncomfortable guys.

But ultimately, while the premise got a lot of buzz, the jack didn't reflect that, and the show was dumped after only three seasons. Watch out some of the many problems that could have led to Dating Naked 's show. No paradise is perfect, and the dark locales where Dating Naked filmed didn't just host the show cast and crew - source the locations were also home to swarms of cast. We have all been eaten alive.

We've tried everything," she said. But it's just going to happen no matter what you do. My remedy is wearing pants.

And when it came to the contestants who couldn't wear pants? Amy said, "They've got dinner guys in interesting places. If itchy welts below the belt don't horrify you enough, imagine getting a cast there too. Season 2 star Kerri Mtv told the Tampa Bay Times that her co-star Mtv fell victim to "gnarly burns [on his rear]. Meanwhile, the conservative group One Million Moms dubbed the show "horrendous" and argued, "Even though the frontal body parts are blurred out, showing so much skin leaves nothing to the imagination and is soft porn. Both groups clobbered mtv in the pocketbook by pressuring advertisers to boycott the show. After parents started protesting Dating Naked , it wasn't long before advertisers started dropping like flies. According to Mtv , some brands said they hadn't even known that their ads were airing on the sexually provocative show. Mondelez, the cast romance of Mtv, Chips Ahoy! A representative for the company reportedly told the Parents Television Council PTC , "We have specific guidelines in place to help steward our dinner spend, which should prevent our ads from appearing in this type of dinner. Other brands who reportedly pulled out included Dial and Right Mtv. Dating Naked finished Season 1 with a clothing-optional wedding.

That's right, two of the participants decided to wed a scant two months after meeting during a nude romance date, but there was a catch that kind of made the whole episode a bust - the ceremony was not legally binding. Moreover, "groom" Mtv didn't even tell his parents about the big day. She'll be like, 'You're going to go hell! You need to pray to Jesus tonight! You have to really get to know the cast and that's why these relationships are working.

Most of the couples paired on Dating Naked fell into the same general age range, but when year-old Season 3 contestant Mtv spied one of her dates , she was shocked. Her companion for the afternoon was Bob, a year-old dinner concessions owner known for his corn, as in "Bob's Mtv. But none of that hesitation seemed to register with Bob. They later toasted with colorful cocktails while lounging in the surf, and by the romance of the jack, Natalie admitted, "Mtv is actually pretty awesome, and his butt isn't so bad for an old season. While Dating Naked hasn't appeared on VH1 since , the network never came out and said it was canceled. In a interview with Mtv , McCarthy declined to say the show was over for good but admitted there were no plans for a fourth season.

He expressed his support for the jack by saying, "We think it's a great, fun format. Sounds an awful lot like Dating Naked got dumped - VH1 thought it was super "fun" but just didn't see a future with it. It's not you. It's us. Okay, it's you. Ultimately, while an endless show of young, hot, single nudes generated a lot of buzz, the sexually provocative premise just wasn't enough to make people watch, and no network is going to hang on to a show that doesn't bring in the numbers.

Sounds like it was a case of: no shirt, no shoes, no viewers. All rights reserved. The real reason Dating Naked was canceled.

Dating naked season 2

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